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101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #1-Competitive Games

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Jared Knight
51 minutes
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol.#1-Competitive Games features twenty-three games that promoteswimming skills, physical activity, individual problem-solving, and teamspirit in an environment which involves competition. Good sportsmanshipand positive competition are emphasized in each activity. In addition,each game details recommendations concerning supplies needed to conductthe activity, game instruction/rules, and safety precautions to turnordinary swim free-time into a competitive, water-based event.

Among the games covered:
  • Chariot Race
  • Overboard
  • Life-jacket race
  • Rubber-duck race
  • Doggie-paddle race
  • Underwater race
  • Piggyback race
  • Seaweed race
  • Swimming-stroke medley
  • Swimming/slingshot biathlon
  • Cannon-ball contest
  • Swimming-relay games
  • Ball-between-the-knees relay
  • Fish-eggs relay
  • Seahorse relay
  • Chicken-noodle-soup relay
  • Beach-ball relay
  • Marine-life relay
  • Colander relay
  • Ice-cube relay
  • Umbrella relay
  • Blindfolded ping-pong relay
  • Sponge-catch relay