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101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #2-Waterworks and Water-Carnival Games

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Jared Knight
43 minutes
101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #2-Waterworks andWater-Carnival Games offers twenty-one games that feature awhimsical atmosphere in which an ordinary swimming pool is transformedinto a playing area for large group games and an environment in whichcarnival games can be played that are appropriate for both youngerchildren and non-swimmers. In addition, each game includesrecommendations concerning what supplies are needed to conduct eachactivity, game instruction/rules, and safety precautions to help ensurethat each activity is undertaken in a safe manner.

Among the games covered:
  • Bouncing bubbles
  • Dodge beach ball
  • Pool in the pool
  • Target ball
  • Pocket quest
  • Splash out
  • Floating pyramid
  • Shark, octopus, and eels
  • Water carnival
  • Apple catch
  • Peach fling
  • Soda-can pitch
  • Ping-pong ball toss
  • Ring toss
  • Frisbee knock
  • Garbage-can ball
  • Lucky duck
  • Egg walk
  • Submarine race
  • Water carousel