20 Action Games for Kid People

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Steven Trip" Peck "
49 minutes
Young people have a lot of energy. 20 Action Games for Kid People features a series of unique games that are designed to get young people on their feet playing. Requiring a jovial attitude, a passion for fast-paced fun, and a willingness to engage in an opportunity to be with friends, the games not only lead to fun, but also more friendships. Each game is explained and demonstrated in easy-to-understand detail.

Among the topics covered:
  • Elbow tag
  • Captain's command
  • Name six
  • Ships & sharks
  • Hey, watcha doin'?
  • Koosh tag
  • Ali Baba's forty thieves
  • Turn-over
  • Fists & fingers
  • Pulse
  • Blob tag
  • Censored sevens
  • Proball
  • Hospital tag
  • Head, hands, and feet relay
  • Thumper
  • Catch ‘em
  • Isolation
  • Vampire
  • Doubles dice