25 Indoor Games and Activities for Rainy Days

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Jared Knight
95 minutes
Providing fun and games to children during rainy days is not always aneasy task, especially after cooped up inside for an extended period. 25 Indoor Games and Activities for Rainy Days features 25 awesome gamesand activities that are designed to provide hours of meaningful play thatis comparable with any sunny-day activity. Each game and activity isexplained in a straight forward, easy-to-perform manner.

Among the topics covered
  • Strange questions and weird answers
  • Hula hoop and ball relay
  • Team soccer walk
  • Screaming Viking
  • Feather ball
  • Mop head
  • Water dropper and coin game
  • Hidden
  • Sugar cube landmarks
  • Character traits matching game
  • Foot twister
  • Who is the leader?
  • Do you love your neighbor?
  • Community culture
  • People to people
  • Late to work
  • Finger wrap introductions
  • Cookie face
  • Nickel nose
  • Nose silhouettes
  • Marble raceway
  • Blow card off a bottle
  • Cat burgler
  • Ring and chain game
  • This is a fork