25 Outdoor Games and Activities for Large Groups

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Jared Knight
88 minutes
25 Outdoor Games and Activities for Large Groups includes an overviewof new and innovative games for large groups of all ages, as well as afew classic backyard games. The DVD features games and activities thatare perfect for camps, after-school programs, church groups, Scouts,classrooms, and families. Each activity is explained in clear instructions,with a list of equipment needed for each game. The DVD is designed as aninvaluable resource for every activity leader.

Among the topics covered
  • Tape measure and ball relay
  • Ping-pong ball bounce relay
  • Pool noodles and beach ball relay
  • Backwards ball toss
  • Ball factory
  • Snapping turtles
  • Blindfolded dutch oven cobbler
  • Izzy dizzy obstacle course
  • Hide and see
  • Carpet tag
  • Lava monster
  • Balloon volleyball
  • Spaceship
  • Raise the titanic
  • Launching brigade
  • Loop pick-up
  • Blindfolded buddy hop
  • Giant ball toss
  • Grunt piggy, grunt
  • Making a foam noodle rocket
  • The telephone game – picture version
  • Bubble snake
  • Tennis ball slingshots
  • Corn hole
  • Wagon wheel