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Add to My Favorites: Training Activities to “Hook” Staff

$37.46 - $55.00
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Kim Aycock
63 minutes
<i>Add to My Favorites: Training Activities to “Hook” Staff </i>offers a series of proven
training activities that are designed to engage, motivate, and teach staff. The
“best-of” activities featured in the DVD provide a depth of training that extends
beyond each exercise itself. The DVD explores the facets of the various training
topics addressed by the activities, each of which is meant to elicit a multitude
of discussion starters and debriefing questions.<br><br>
Among the topics covered:<br><ul>
<li>Puzzle fun
<li>Leadership dance
<li>A closer look at a typical day camp
<li>From am to pm
<li>Last summer syndrome
<li>Time to recap