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Adjusting on the Fly: What to Do When a Camper Shows Up With a Special Need You Didn't Know They Had

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Ben Elble & Brandon G. Briery
78 minutes
In reality, campers sometimes show up on check-in day with a special need thatthe screening process of the camp didn't catch. In that regard, Adjusting on theFly: What to Do When a Camper Shows Up With a Special Need You Didn't KnowThey Had details several strategies that can be used for dealing with a variety ofspecial needs so that camps can retain those campers, and provide them with thetime of their lives, while enriching the camps own program. The DVD features tipson how camps can prepare their staff and programs to accommodate children whomight have a variety of special needs including Aspergers, autism, intellectualdisabilities, etc.

Among the topics covered:
  • Physical disabilities
  • Cognitive disabilities
  • Medical disabilities
  • Can they stay: things to think about
  • Preparing your staff
  • Behavior management tools
  • Adapting your programming