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An Asset Builder's Guide to Training Peer Helpers

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Barbara Varenhorst
158 pages
When young people struggle with problems, to whom do they turn for help? Most often, it's their friends. This hands-on workbook provides tools, ideas, tips, and suggestions for nurturing developmental assets in young people through leadership opportunities. Using stories and examples, it shows how youth workers and educators in congregations, schools, and youth-serving organizations can prepare youth for leadership in their organizations and communities by giving them the strong foundation they need in life. Through discussion and fun, engaging activities, students will learn the basic but crucial skills necessary for building healthy relationships, such as:
  • Communication: asking questions and listening for content and feelings
  • Assertiveness: expressing rights and desires, dealing with peer pressure, and managing sensitive issues
  • Confidentiality: honoring what others share and deciding when safety concerns override it
  • Decision Making: weighing information and evaluating choices
  • Conflict Mediation: dealing with disagreements and reaching peaceful solutions
This resource can help young people make a powerful difference in the lives of their peers.