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Asperger's and Autism at Camp: Supporting Campers With Social Challenges

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Jennifer Harber
63 minutes
Camp offers a great opportunity for children with Asperger's syndrome and autism spectrum disordersto build skills and experience success. Asperger's and Autism at Camp: SupportingCampers With Social Challenges presents strategies for helping these children to be successfulin a variety of camp settings. The DVD addresses a number of relevant issues, including thesecampers' strengths and challenges, strategies for promoting social and behavioral success, andways to help staff understand these terrific "quirky" children.

Among the topics covered:
  • General information about autism spectrum disorders
  • Difficulties with communication
  • Difficulties with behavior
  • Difficulties with socialization
  • Schedules
  • Visual supports
  • Sensory inputs
Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.