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Bullies Amongst Our Staff-Watch Out!

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Joel Haber
59 minutes

Bullying behavior amongst camp staff can hurt a camp unless the staff know what to look for.Unfortunately, the new "bully" is not a staff member who may be easy to identify. Rather, thisindividual may look and behave like a leader, but will nonetheless cause untold damage to campstaff and camper cohesiveness. Bullies Amongst Our Staff-Watch Out! provides an overview ofthe tools to help identify the "bullying" staff member, deal with that person effectively, andrestore safety in the camp.

Among the topics covered:

  • Introduction to staff bullying
  • Impact of bullying in your camp
  • The basics of bullying
  • The development of staff bullying
  • Bullying staff create bullying campers
  • What you need to know to reduce staff bullying