Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Feeling Respect, Independence, Encouragement, Nourishment, Determination & Sisterhood)

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Susan Fee
162 pages

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can break your heart. Welcome to the complex world of girls and their friendships. As girls develop they need the skills to define and maintain healthy friendships, express their feelings, regulate emotions, and develop self-care practices. Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is a program for developing social skills in girls ages eight to fourteen. The acronym stands for Feeling Respect, Independence, Encouragement, Nourishment, Determination, and Sisterhood.

This guide includes 65 small group activities to help girls learn skills in five key areas:

  1. Positive self-image
  2. Healthy friendships
  3. Conflict resolution and communication
  4. Emotional strength
  5. Stress management

These core areas are addressed in modules. Each module includes interactive exercises and activities designed to promote self-reflection, sharing, empathy, and respect for oneself and others.

The material can be used in a number of settings and is appropriate for teachers, parents, school counselors, camps, scouts, private therapists, and community groups. In addition to step-by-step instructions for getting started this guide includes:

  • Icebreakers
  • 65 small group activities and facilitation questions
  • Parent letters with tips for at-home support
  • Reproducible handouts on CD-ROM
  • Bonus booklet, Building Resiliency on CD-ROM
  • Capable & Confident! Raising Empowered Girls 60-minute CD
  • Program implementation support from author