International Games: Building Skills Through Multicultural Play

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Gayle L. Horowitz
128 pages
You can find many books that build the motor skills that kids need tosucceed in a variety of physical activities and sports. But not manybooks open kids' eyes to the cultures and traditions of other countries,giving them a greater appreciation for and understanding of the worldaround them at the same time.

International Games: Building Skills Through Multicultural Playfeatures 65 games from 32 countries. The games build players' physicalskills while increasing their cultural awareness, so they focus on thesimilarities between people no matter where they come from.

The games make your teaching simple and effective. Most games requirelittle in the way of equipment, and in many cases where equipment isneeded, it can be made for a small cost. Each game
  • is presented in an easy-to-use format;
  • includes interesting information on the origin of the game; and
  • is clearly illustrated, showing pertinent parts of the game.
International Games is great for physical education class or foran interdisciplinary multicultural unit taught in conjunction with othersubjects, such as social studies or geography. To facilitate its use asan interdisciplinary tool, the book includes end-of-unit quizzes.

The book can be used in two ways: You can work progressively by skill orteach the games by region. Activities are arranged so that eachactivity builds on skills learned in the previous activity. The bookincludes a game finder so you can easily find the game you want whetheryou teach by skill or by region.

However you choose to use the games in this book, International Games provides a wealth of ideas for teaching kids about the world while they build their motor skills.