Leadership Kindness Edition (5x7 Playing Cards)

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52 playing cards

The Leadership Kindness™ Edition of The World's Kindest Playing Cards™ is a collection of 54 unique cards that can be used to facilitate team challenges, ice breakers, games, debriefing, processing and reviewing activities. They are great for team building, developing leaders and inquiry based learning activities that bring people together, producing interactions that people care deeply about. Participants open the dialogue with simple, positive words in a fun-filled way.

Eachdeck includes 52 traditional playing cards plus two jokers and 27matching pairs of GivaGeta Corporate Kindness™ messages including:

  • Give Inspiration ... Get Inspired™
  • Give Optimism ... Get Optimistic™
  • Give Focus ... Get Focused™
  • Give Leadership ... Get Dedication™
  • Give Respect ... Get Respect™
  • Give Confidence ... Get Confident™
  • Give Courage ... Get Courageous™

Get the Power of Experiential Character and Leadership Development

TheWorld's Kindest Playing Cards™ by GivaGeta Smiles™ Leadership Kindness™Edition are a valuable experiential processing tool to facilitatecreative card games ~ all to make a positive difference in people'slives.

Develop 21st Century Skills of communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, teamwork, reflection and presentation.

  • Team Build and Develop Leaders
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Create Teachable Moments
  • Build 27 Developmental Assets
  • Open the Dialogue with simple positive words
  • Produce interactions that people care deeply about