MRI of Lumbar Spine: The Basics

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Joe Ihm
48 minutes
MRI of Lumbar Spine: The Basics provides an overview of the basic factors that should be considered when reading an MRI of the lumbar spine. The DVD reviews and discusses each factor in step-by-step detail. The DVD also points out when it is appropriate to perform an MRI of the lumbar spine. In addition, the DVD looks at how physicians should explain the results of the test to their patients.

Among the topics covered:

• When to use 
• Anular tear (fissure) 
• Degeneration 
• Disc herniation 
• Disc extrusion 
• Intervertebral herniation (Schmore's Node) 
• Findings in pain-free individuals 
• Natural history of disc herniation 
• Imaging findings and low back pain 
• Imaging related to facet joint pain 
• Explaining test to patient