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Peak Conditioning Training for Young Athletes

$15.96 - $19.95
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Thomas Emma
214 pages
  Peak Conditioning Training for Young Athletes presents safe, easy-to-apply strength and fitness programs specifically designed for 8- to 17-year-old athletes. Covers the phases of a young athlete's development; warm up, cool down, and flexibility; recuperation, sleep, attitude, and injuries; youth sports nutrition (components of balanced nutrition, weight control, meals for competitions and workouts); youth sports conditioning (energy systems, aerobic, anaerobic, and phase-specific conditioning); youth strength training (basics and principles); strength training exercises (body weight and core, upper body, lower body, and combination exercises); youth strength training program parameters and workouts; balance training; speed training; agility and quickness training; plyometrics; cross training; and much more. Includes nearly 180 illustrations.