Return to the Land: 121 Animal/Nature Stories & Activities

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Tom Carr
136 pages
This book contains 121 one-page inspirational, true animal/nature stories and activities that encourage kids to build compassion toward others and nature. It is a valuable resource for working with all students, but in can be especially effective with young people such as teasers and bullies who are sometimes insensitive to others' feelings, and/or rights. It encourages kids to get away from television, computers, videos, etc. for longer periods of time and learn from the outdoors. These touching and amazing stories and activities will become some of your most favorite to draw upon for individuals, teachers, and parents. Kids will be measured as they listen to these unforgettable nature stories. As they learn, children and adolescents will learn new wisdom that they can apply directly to their social/emotional and academic experiences. After all, some of the most important lessons in life can be best learned from stories about nature. In addition to compassion training, these highly motivational and inspiring stories/activities will help kids learn important insights and strategies on the following topics:
  • creativity
  • courage
  • patience
  • cooperation
  • social skills
  • overcoming adversities
  • problem solving
  • grief
  • personal strengths
  • environmental concerns