Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success

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Madeline Levine, PhD
323 pages

Psychologist Madeline Levine brings together cutting-edge research andthirty years of clinical experience to explode once and for all the myththat good grades, high test scores, and college acceptances shoulddefine the parenting endgame.

Parents, educators, and the media wring their hands about the plight ofAmerica's children and teens-soaring rates of emotional problems,limited coping skills, disengagement from learning and yet there areways to reverse these disheartening trends. Teach Your Children Wellacknowledges that every parent wants successful children. However,until we are clearer about our core values and the parenting choicesthat are most likely to lead to authentic, and not superficial, success,we will continue to raise exhausted, externally driven, impairedchildren who believe they are only as good as their last performance.Real success is always an inside job, argues Levine, and is measured notby today's report card but by the people our children become fifteen ortwenty years down the line.

Refusing to be diverted by manufactured controversies such as "tigermoms versus coddling moms," Levine confronts the real issues behind theway we push some of our kids to the breaking point while dismissing thetalents and interests of many others. She shows us how to shift ourfocus from the excesses of hyperparenting and the unhealthy reliance onour children for status and meaning to a parenting style thatconcentrates on both enabling academic success as well as developing asense of purpose, well-being, connection, and meaning in our children'slives.

Teach Your Children Well is a call to action. And while ittakes courage to make the changes we believe in, the time has come, saysLevine, to return our overwrought families to a healthier and sanerversion of themselves.