Teaching Kids to Beat Bullying

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Joel Haber
63 minutes

Bullying is a problem that can significantly impact both staff and campers. Teaching Kids to BeatBullying is a staff-training resource that provides the necessary tools to help kids find their ownstrength to learn the skills to "beat bullying." The DVD is also designed to help staff learn torecognize and understand the different types of bullying, identify the targets of bullying, and thelikely and unlikely aggressors. In addition, the DVD details how to handle bullies, teach targetskills that can be taken home, and deal with relational aggression and cliques.

Among the topics covered:

  • My personal story to beat bullying
  • Bullying overview
  • What works to help bullies: reflection
  • Help bullies become leaders
  • Targets of bullying
  • Relational bullying
  • Cliques and bunk meetings