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This Great Opportunity Called Camp! A Staff Orientation Program for Counselors

$37.46 - $55.00
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Bob Ditter
58 minutes
This poignant, fast-paced program is a compelling reminder to camp professionals, particularly counselors, about the positive, powerful impact that they can have on the lives of their campers. Featuring real-life stories and up-to-date statistics about society and the social environment in which children grow up today, This Great Opportunity Called Camp! A Staff Orientation Program for Counselors delivers an inspiring and motivating message that is designed to inform and inspire camp staff. The DVD provides an energizing way to begin staff orientation. For every director who has wanted Bob Ditter to participate in their staff training efforts, this DVD is the way.

Among the topics covered:

• Radius of play 
• Keeping the PACE 
• Your attention 
• Money in the bank 
• Establish a safe place 
• The four mistakes adults make 
• Drop the rope 
• Stop talking