101 Tips for Supporting Campers With Autism - E-Pub

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9781606792582 - Epub
Laurie ‰ÛÏChet‰Û Tschetter
112 pages

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This engaging and thoughtful book provides camp counselors and support staff with the information, skills, and strategies that are essential in working with campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 101 Tips for Supporting Campers With Autism shares real-life experiences as a way to help camp personnel and others who care about individuals with autism gain a better foundation of understanding of the complex world of people with autism. Effective approaches for supporting communication, promoting socialization, and individualizing support strategies for every camp participant with ASD are skillfully presented. The goal outcome is a camp experience in which all camp participants with ASD are given the opportunity to overcome challenges, focus on abilities, and grow to their fullest potential.