Best New Games (Updated Edition) w/DVD

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Dale N. Le Fevre
219 pages
Looking for a new way to play? Need to energize your lessons? Best New Games, Updated Edition, can help you lead people of all ages and abilities in using their brains and bodies for cooperative fun! 
Packed with nearly 90 games and activities. Best New Gamesis an excellent resource for classroom and physical education teachersas well as group leaders in a range of settings, such as scout troops,youth groups, district programs, and business conferences and meetings.You'll find games for getting acquainted, developing sensitivity andtrust, building teamwork, and opening and closing play sessions. Gamesare organized by activity level, and each game includes a descriptionand instructions for play as well as guidance on developmental skillfocus and safety considerations. You'll also find an expanded discussionof how to lead, adapt, or create your own New Games. A new sectionillustrates how New Games can be used to meet the educational andphysical activity standards for your school's curriculum in the UnitedStates, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Plus, a DVD included withthe book offers video clips of 15 New Games in action. 
BestNew Games offers a great physical activity alternative for students notinclined to participate in sport or recreation games and givescompetitive students a chance to relax and just enjoy playing. It alsogives every person an additional way to maintain fitness and reduceobesity without calling it exercise. You can incorporate New Games intoyour lesson plans to create a more active and engaging learningexperience and reinforce concepts in language arts, science, math, andother subjects.
Connect with your students,activate the learning process in your classroom, or present analternative physical activity that focuses on the fun of play with Best New Games, Updated Edition.