Camp Counseling: Leadership and Programming for the Organized Camp

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Joel F. Meier, Karla A. Henderson
345 pages
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Through the first seven editions of this enduring text, A. ViolaMitchell shared her knowledge and skills with legions of educators, campdirectors, and counselors who participated in the organized campmovement. This classic, highly regarded volume has now been thoroughlyupdated to provide a 21st-century view of the trends, philosophies, andpractices of organized camping. The Eighth Edition retains theoverarching emphasis on leadership skills and program activities andideas, updating their treatment with the latest research on positiveyouth development and outcomes-based programming.

New chapters discuss trends in organized camping, efforts to expandopportunities for camp participation, and strategies to increasephysical activity among children and youth. Substantially revised topicsinclude modern behavior management tools and techniques, leadershipstrategies, problem solving, group processes, and the importance ofresearch and evaluation. Throughout, the authors infuse the discussionwith a “leave no trace” conservation ethic that promotes ways to enjoythe outdoors in a responsible, sustainable manner.

The essence of organized camping has remained the same throughout its150-year history: democratic, group living in the outdoors supported bycompetent, well-trained leaders. The latest edition of Camp Counselingcelebrates that essence in every chapter, illuminated by more than 120new photographs as well as numerous illustrations and boxed exhibits.Moreover, extensive, annotated resource lists in every chapter providecountless opportunities to explore topics in greater depth.