Fitness and Recreational Activities for Youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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Suzanne Moore Gray
58 minutes

Exercise is one of the most underutilized, yet effective, treatments forchildren with autistic spectrum disorders. Because one size does notfit all, Fitness and Recreational Activities for Youth with AutisticSpectrum Disorders points out the need to offer an array of activityoptions for children with an ASD. In that context, the DVD provides anoverview of the “Raise the Bar” Fitness and Wellness Program, whichencompasses a number of appropriate and safe activities for facilitatingneuro-developmental growth, body awareness, increased balance, sensoryintegration, mobility skills and most importantly, the skills of “justbeing a kid.”

Among the topics covered:

• Autism-what is it?
• The critical link: autism and exercise
• Eight interchangeable movement experiences
• Administration process for clients
• Example of assessment and screening