Getting the Most Out of Diabetes Camp: A Guide for Parents and Kids

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American Diabetes Association
106 pages

What if you child has diabetes? Does camp go together with keeping the insulin cool, balancing blood sugar, or eating scheduled meals? Fortunately, there are places where kids with diabetes are not alone-diabetes camp.

These camps provide a safe place where kids are surrounded by people with diabetes, where everyone else is doing the same things. This book provides insights and helpful advice to help your child decide whether to go and how to choose the right diabetes camp.

Learn how to apply, pack the right things, find out what to expect at camp, and much more.


  • Advice from kids, parents, and experts
  • How to determine whether your child is ready for diabetes camp
  • Information on different types of camps
  • "For Kids Only" sections
  • How to prepare for camp
  • Lists of camps, state-by-state
  • Sample application forms

For many children, attending a diabetes camp is a life-changing experience. This book will help you open up this opportunity to your children and help them experience a place where others understand and share all their experiences.