Linda Erceg, RN., P.H.N., is the executive director of the Association of Camp Nurses and the associate director of health and risk management for Concordia Language Villages. A camp nurse for a number of years, Linda often writes and speaks on health-related topics.

Edward "Skip" Walton, M.D., is the director of the Program Development and Research Application and part of the ACA National Staff. Walton resides in Martinsville, IN.

Mary Marugg, RN, is Liaison of Christian Camping International. Marugg resides in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Barry Garst, Ph.D., is the director of research application with the American Camp Association and an adjunct assistant professor at Virginia Tech. Barry is a prolific writer and frequent presenter.

Take Your Camp’s Health Preparedness Pulse

Author: Linda Erceg, Edward "Skip" Walton, Mary Marugg, Barry Garst

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