Organizational Kindness Edition (5x7 Playing Cards)

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52 playing cards

The Organizational Kindness™ Edition of The World's Kindest Playing Cards™ is a collection of 54 unique cards that can be used to facilitate team challenges, ice breakers, games, debriefing, processing and reviewing activities. They are great for team building, developing leaders and experiential learning activities that bring people together while energizing the group. Participants learn more about what is important to each other in their organization. They open the dialogue in a fun-filled subtle way, allowing for recognition of positive character traits that strengthen team relationships.

Each deck includes 52 traditional playing cards plus two jokers and27 matching pairs of GivaGeta Organizational Kindness™ messages including:

  • Give Leadership ... Get Dedication™
  • Give Teamwork ... Get Results™
  • Give Process ... Get Systems™
  • Give Trust ... Get Trust™
  • Give a Smile ... Get a Smile™
  • Give a Handshake ... Get a Handshake™
  • Give a Positive Attitude ... Get a Positive Attitude™

Get the Power of Experiential Character Development

TheWorld's Kindest Playing Cards™ by GivaGeta Smiles™ Organizatonal Kindness™Edition are a valuable experiential processing tool to facilitatecreative card games ~ all to make a positive difference in people'slives. 

Smiles, Giggles, Laughs & other Positive Outcome examples:

  • Team Build and Develop Leaders
  • Open the Dialogue
  • Reduce Emotional Bullying
  • Peer Mediated Conflict Resolution
  • Prizes with Meaning
  • Removing Preconceived Notions
  • Encouraging Positive Behavior
  • Developing a Strong Sense of Self
  • Create Teachable Moments