Biophilic Design and Why It Matters to Camp

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Author: Jim Fletemeyer, Bill Wildernberg
Length: 52 minutes
Published: 2010
Format: DVD

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The underlying focus of biophilic design is on restoring connections to nature. Because an innate human affinity exist for other living things biophilic design presents the perfect “life friendly” application for camps. In reality many individuals believe biophilic design to be best understood as the missing link in sustainable design, a treatment that can also aid in the process of achieving LEED certification. Biophilic Design and Why It Matters to Camp explains how biophilic design can offer the best possible scenario for providing healthy, inspirational spaces at camps.

Among the topics covered:

• Biophilia
• LEED rating system and biophilic design
• Planning
• Architecture
• Landscape architecture