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Wilderness Emergency Medical Aid Book for Kids (& Their Adults)

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Author: Steve Longenecker
Length: 175 pages
Published: 2005
Format: Brokered Book

Product Code: 1-889596-18-3
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Brokered Book
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Kids today are more active and adventurous than ever before. At camp, at school, or in Scout groups, children are rock climbing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. But do they know how to respond if their parent or adult leader is suddenly hurt or disabled? Steve Longenecker's Wilderness Emergency Medical Aid Book for Kids (& Their Adults) describes, in a way campers can understand, basic techniques for responding in a medical emergency. The text includes tips for camp staff, suggestions for role-play simulations, and ideas for hands-on practice sessions. Whether at camp, on a city street, or in their own back yards, kids can learn simple, effective skills to respond positively when someone is hurt. This book is designed to help adults prepare and empower children to make a difference—and possibly save a life—in a medical emergency.