The Blueprint for a Successful Career: A Foundation for Developing Young Professionals

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Will Baggett, Tai M. Brown
122 pages
The Blueprint outlines proven strategies with relatable experiences guaranteed to help readers position themselves for a start to a long and successful career. This hands-on guide profiles a three-part process designed specifically to help new hires make a lasting impression in their field through effective self-management tactics. The authors have taken basic core principles and intertwined them with easy to understand lessons that will create a perfect “how-to” manual for young people looking to enter their chosen field. This book is full of sound and cleverly organized suggestions making it a valuable reference for any professional looking to lay a solid foundation to build their career upon.
With the input of Tai M. Brown, creator of the groundbreaking Forward Management ideology, this guide stands as the lone body of work espousing the interests of entry-level professionals with leadership strategies best suited for the modern workforce. Tomorrow's leaders must be led today. The Blueprint is the guiding torch whereby entry-level professionals and leaders alike may blaze the trail in unison.
“Will and Tai have taken basic core principles and intertwined them with easy-to-understand lessons that will create a perfect ‘how-to' manual for young people looking to enter their chosen field. For us veterans who lead young people, it's a great resource for teaching as well.”
    -Charles Bloom, Executive Associate Athletics Director/Chief of Staff, University of South Carolina
“From the perspective of achievement-oriented millennials, while promoting a positive culture of breaking normative ranks and standards, Will Baggett presents an inspired work that details how to transform aspirations into action. Baggett's work is highly focused and applicable to a wide array of industries, job types, and interests.”
    -Lars Johnson, Doctoral Candidate, University of Houston
“Will and Tai effectively capture the essence of leadership and influence in unprecedented, collaborative fashion with The Blueprint. Experienced and aspiring professionals alike may follow this all-encompassing guide to catapult their careers to new heights and beyond.”
    -Grant Teaff, College Football Hall of Fame
The Blueprint by Will Baggett and Tai M. Brown is a must read for any young professional just breaking into their career. Will and Tai use their own personal experiences to help other young professionals learn how to best maximize their initial career growth through relationships, leadership, and paying attention to details.”
    -Jamie Pollard, Director of Athletics, Iowa State University
“When I first met Will it was obviously clear in his personal work ethic that he had enormous aspirations and the passion to see things through. It brings me great pride to be a part of his vision and efforts. The Blueprintis packed full of insight and applicable information.”
    -Kaz Kazadi, Associate Athletic Director, Baylor University