UnWeighted Nation - E-Pub

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Jenny Conviser, Jason Conviser
204 pages
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Obesity is a global pandemic, which, as the Convisers emphasize, needs a new paradigm of thinking. On one hand, the book explains why our whole society has failed in the battle against obesity. On the other hand, this resource offers practical tools and approaches that are designed to help both individuals and healthcare providers to beat it. The “UnWeightedâ€å model permits change of perspective and behavior over time. This approach is a step away from the dieting-no dieting debate and instead organizes effort around each person's individual preferences and values: health interests, needs, allocation of time and energy, available resources, etc. Importantly, these values are grounded within each individual and, as much, are oriented to personal choices, rather than more external dictates. The model recognizes that humans, behavior and intentions are imperfect, while better health can be attained despite these imperfections.