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Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Act!

$37.46 - $55.00
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Bob Ditter
33 minutes

Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Act! provides a follow-up to the well-receivedBob Ditter DVD, Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Listen!, a powerful set of toolsand language that any camp counselor, new or experienced, can put to immediate use in theirwork with campers. The DVD features various skills and strategies that counselors can use to getkids to do the things they either don't like to do or traditionally need a lot of prodding to getdone. The DVD also details how counselors can build momentum in a group of campers andhow they can transition from being the campers' "friend" to being "the boss!"

Among the topics covered:

  • Changing your role
  • Cold starts
  • Transitions
  • Kids who are easily distracted
  • Road trip (progressive interventions)
  • Other great practices

Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.