Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Listen

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Bob Ditter
61 minutes
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Fundamental Counseling Skills: Getting Kids to Listen is some of the best of Bob Ditter-a DVD chock full of practical, powerful tools for staff working with children, articulated in a clear, straightforward training program. Bob points out how we influence campers, rather than control them, and discusses several effective ways for counselors to improve their skill in this area. The program introduces start, stop, continue and moves on to a host of other essential counseling skills, including-how to avoid power struggles; how to make better use of non-verbal communication; and other timely techniques.

Among the topics covered:

  • Strong relationship with every camper
  • Balancing your role
  • Tips from a nanny
  • Keep calm
  • Tips for appealing to campers
  • State what you expect
  • Getting kids to listen
  • Simple praise

Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.