101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #3-Activities With Mom and Dad, and Holiday Traditions

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Jared Knight
81 minutes
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101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families: Vol. #3-Activities With Mom and Dad, and Holiday Traditionsis one of four volumes in the four-part DVD series detailing game sand activities that are designed to help buildfamily unity and trust. (Vol. #1-Family Reunions and Retreats; Vol. #2-Family Night, Backyard Razzle-DazzleFun; Vol. #3-Activities With Mom and Dad, and Holiday Traditions; and Vol. #4-Road Trips, TeachingLeadership, and Mealtime.) The series provides invaluable tools and resources for parents who want to engagetheir children in meaningful activities that will create lifelong memories and fortify family relationships.

Among the topics covered:
  • Flag scramble
  • Papier-mâché world globe
  • Laundry tennis
  • Soda pop bottle game
  • Smile baby, if you love me
  • Sponge relay
  • Toy blocks service project
  • Blindfolded whip cream eatingcontest
  • Bucket head relay
  • Secret decoder dials
  • Underwater scopes
  • Blindfolded tent setup
  • Spotlight
  • Doctor ball
  • Orange relay
  • Halloween phantom
  • Trick or treat don't eat Pete
  • Thanksgiving "thankful tree"
  • Thanksgiving corncob and feathergame
  • Thanksgiving plastic cup turkey
  • Christmas reindeer games
  • 12 days of Christmas service project
  • Puzzle-piece Christmas wreath
  • Snowman bowling
  • Making homemade Christmas cards
  • Christmas winter mittens relay
  • Clay Christmas tree ornament
  • Valentine heart candy relay
  • Paper Valentine hearts
  • St. Patrick's Day leprechaun house
  • Milk just Easter basket
  • Easter egg nose roll
  • Easter egg hung for service