101 Rainy Day Games and Activities

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Lynne Middleton
Healthy Learning
104 pages
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Most everyone loves to spend time outdoors and many enjoy doing so in a camp setting—that is until the rain comes!

But rain doesn’t have to be a damper on the fun, and this book gives you everything you need to make sure of it! In this book, you will find 101 games that can be played indoors and outdoors during inclement weather. These games keep the adventure going for youth of all ages attending all kinds of camps—whether it is rain or sleet or even snow that gets in the way.

A day camp, an overnight camp, it really doesn’t matter—if you have some basic supplies (or even if you don’t)—the fun can continue. Many of the games included call for no materials or supplies while others call for basic ones. Instructions are easy to follow, and as long as the games are going, the fun will never end!