101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #3-Sports and Teambuilding Games

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Jared Knight
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101 Swimming Pool Games for Kids: Vol. #3-Sports and TeambuildingGames includes twenty-nine activities that are designed to capturethe sports enthusiast's imagination with a little water-twist ontraditional athletic activities, as well as enable all participants, inthe team building games, to develop trust, leadership, an enhanced levelof self-worth, communication, and the ability to overcome obstacles andchallenges while in the swimming pool. In addition, each game includesrecommendations concerning the supplies that are needed to conduct theactivity, game instructions/rules, and safety precautions to help ensurethat each activity is undertaken in a safe manner.

Among the games covered:
  • Water football
  • Water basketball
  • Punch ball
  • Water volleyball
  • Water baseball
  • Water ping-pong
  • Water polo
  • Touchdown
  • End-zone Frisbee
  • Beach-ball foosball
  • One-on-one water soccer
  • Water golf
  • Teambuilding water games
  • Save the whale
  • Underwater hula-hoop pass
  • Torpedo
  • Aqua-ball mover
  • Flotsam and jetsam
  • Bridge
  • Mariner's pride
  • Land ahoy
  • Team water craft
  • The not-so-deserted island
  • Giant ring toss
  • Colossal ball
  • Loch Ness monster
  • Boat rescue
  • Sailor's crossing
  • H2O cargo