201 Amazing Mind Bogglers That Can Be Used to Teach Kids Critical Lessons About Learning & Life

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Robert P. Bowman
307 pages
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Amaze and inspire kids of all ages! This book provides a vast wondrous collection of highly motivational, brief activities-with-lessons you can present to kids. It contains 201 mind bogglers, each relating to an important guidance lesson about life. These bogglers are amazing, involving, easy-to-present challenges that grab kids' interest and won't let go. These motivating activities vary from those for young primary-grade children to others that will baffle the brightest seniors in high school. Students will be delighted to attempt these puzzling activities and will not forget the valuable lessons about life that relate to each one. Keep this book handy for times when you are looking for a unique, quick activity that will enhance almost any of your guidance lessons with kids.

Lesson plans are included that relate each boggler to one or more critical lessons on topics such as: Self-Motivation, Thinking and Behaving, Social Skills, Coping with and Preventing Problems, Personal Strengths, Study Skills and Career, Personal Responsibility. (Grades PK-12)