And Now for Something Completely Different: A Summer's Worth of Unique Evening Programs

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Jalisa Johnson
63 minutes
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On occasion, some camps may find themselves in a programming rut. And Now for SomethingCompletely Different: A Summer's Worth of Unique Evening Programs is designed for campprofessionals who find themselves answering “yes” to any of the following or similar questions.“Have they done the same skit every Wednesday for the past ten years? Are they running out ofhiding spots for capture the flag? Do they spend campfires sleeping under benches?” The DVDoffers an overview of a series of unique, boisterous evening programs that are designed to fit anycamp. The DVD features a summer's worth of fun-filled, smile-inducing large-group activities.

Among the topics covered:

• Evening program #1-giant board game
• Evening program #2-dutch auction
• Evening program #3-choose your own adventure
• Evening program #4-the great cookie caper
• Marshmallow pain wars
• Evening program #5-connections