Avoiding the Point of Struggle

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Bob Ditter
63 minutes
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If camp professionals could master one technique in their work with campers, Avoiding the Point of Struggle presents an overview of the one. The DVD explains how camp counselors can plan ahead for, and effectively manage, moments of conflict that commonly arise with young campers who resist or become difficult when they're expected to participate in ordinary activities and/or chores. The DVD also points out that one of the most common mistakes that adults make with children is waiting until they are in the point of struggle with the children before taking action. The DVD is designed to help camp professionals and their staff anticipate troublesome behavior and develop plans and responses that keep them and their campers out of “the point of struggle.”

Among the topics covered: 

• Identifying & staying out of the point of struggle 
• Example 1: fussy eater 
• Example 2: homesickness 
• Example 3: clean-up 
• The point of struggle often occurs 
• Bedtime