Basic Camp Management: An Introduction to Camp Administration (9th Edition)

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Armand Ball, Beverly Ball
430 pages
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Manage your camp more effectively with the leading textbook for administration courses everywhere. The newly revised 8th edition of Basic Camp Management: An Introduction to Camp Administration provides overviews of 19 key areas that define successful camp operations, including the latest in outcomes and programming research, staff hiring and training, and business and technology, all of which are supported by nationally recognized standards from the American Camp Association.

Topics include:

• The Tradition of Camping
• What Is the Camp Director's Job?
• Where Does the Program Begin?
• The Participant
• Designing the Program
• Personnel Organization
• Personnel Recruitment
• Staff Orientation and Training
• Staff Supervision and Performance Appraisal
• Selection, Development, and Maintenance of the Site
• Risk Management
• Health and Wellness Services
• Food Service
• Transportation
• Marketing
• Business and Finance
• Volunteers
• Evaluation and Strategic Planning
• Professional Development