Beyond 101 Nature Activities

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Elizabeth Rundle, Ariella Rogge
52 minutes
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Beyond 101 Nature Activities: Interacting With the Natural World at Camp and in Our CommunitiesThrough the Senses, With an Emphasis on the Sense of Wonder! features a sampling of naturebasedactivities that can be implemented anytime, anywhere, without a lot of materials or timespent preparing. The DVD includes a discussion concerning how to train staff to help camperscreate a personal connection with nature. The DVD also examines the importance of going beyondthe activities and allowing children of feel comfortable exploring on their own, initiate free play,and use their imaginations of creativity to create their own activities in the out-of-doors.

Among the topics covered:
  • Thinking outside the bag
  • Every camp can be a nature camp
  • Every counselor is a nature counselor
  • Every adult can be a nature advocate
  • Tools
  • Activities
  • Unstructured time