Body Image at Camp

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Adam Lee Brooks
70 minutes
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Research indicates that eight out of ten women suffer from some sort of eating disorder, whether its unhealthy eating habits, anorexia, or bulimia. Body Image at Camp reviews simple things that can be implemented at camp to make a girl's or a woman's experience away from home a healthy, safe one, instead of one that can bring intense anxiety, a situation that only helps to intensify the suffering and trigger the undesired behavior. The DVD provides a resource to help campers and children withstand such pressures and fight against the unhealthy culture that accompanies a poor body image.

Among the topics covered:

• Isn't body image an issue for families at home? 
• Camp is a place where extreme emotions surface 
• The issue boils down to communication 
• You can not NOT communicate 
• Self-fulfilling prophecy 
• Looking glass self 
• What can we do to help?