Bullying Behavior in Boys and What to do About It

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Bob Ditter
29 minutes
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Bullying Behavior in Boys and What to do About It  presents a clear and powerful overview of the complexities of bullying behavior in boys and how to respond to it in practical, effective ways. The DVD discusses several of the factors that make bullying behavior so difficult in general and then thoughtfully explains the differences in both the motivation and behavior between boys who bully and girls who are socially aggressive. The DVD also details a step-by-step process for responding to bullying behavior- an approach that is essential for anyone working with children in groups, no matter what the setting.

Among the topics covered:

• Bullying behavior in boys
• Three approaches: #1-help the victim
• Three approaches: #2-address the bully
• Three approaches: #3-work with the other boys
• Use parents as allies in the process