Bullyproof Your Day Camp

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Joel Haber
65 minutes

The day-camp experience must ensure that campers feel emotional and physical safety.Unfortunately, bullying behavior will ruin a summer of fun for campers and staff, especially whenbullying happens away from the staff. Bullyproof Your Day Camp provides the information campstaff need to bullyproof a day camp all season long. The DVD also presents an overview of theskills that are needed to help targeted kids and bullying kids learn skills that they can take home.In addition, the DVD explains how the camp community can be utilized to help address thebullying problem and provide campers with a positive experience that will keep them comingback year after year.

Among the topics covered:

  • Bullying in camp-intro
  • Why bully prevention is important
  • Bullying: the basics
  • Bullying victims and bystanders
  • Building skills for the targeted child
  • How to bullyproof your day camp
  • Questions and answers