Camp Kitchens and the Sustainability Conundrum

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Jessica Decke
91 minutes
Camp Kitchens and the Sustainability Conundrum: Campers, Food, Economics-Finding Balance Between These Central Elements of Summer Camp looks at thethemes of campers, food, and the economy and discusses how camps can operatemore sustainably. The DVD points out that making a difference in this regard is notdifficult. The DVD also explains how camps can save money through careful planning,while increasing the educational and health benefits of the camp experience.

Among the topics covered:
  • What makes our food program different?
  • Economics: local or organic vs. standard supply, a cost comparison sampler for Lincolnville, Maine
  • Ecological: growing your own
  • Efficiency: the process of meal production
  • Education: what is the greatest take-away over the years at Tanglewood?
  • Tricks of the trade