Counselors` Contribution to the Camp Community

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Connie Coutellier
80 minutes
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Every summer thousands of camp staff have the unique opportunity to make a contribution to the life of a fact, in the growth and development of many children. Counselors` Contribution to the Camp Community provides an overview of that unique role. The DVD offers special ideas for each age group and details the key factors involved in being a role model in an outdoor environment. The DVD reviews the gamut, from the first day when counselors are setting the tone for the campers` experience and building a sense of belonging to the time the children wave goodbye and head home, counselors will be the most important person in the lives of the young campers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Your role in the camp environment: responsibilities and expectations
  • The campers are coming! - building a sense of belonging
  • The first day sets the tone
  • Camp is an intense living experience: handling stress and resolving problems
  • Being a role model to campers and a partner to parents
  • Developmental characteristics of children