Developing Cohesive Groups at Camp

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Connie Coutellier
60 minutes
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The camp experience is more than individuals brought together to share common experiences in an outdoor setting. Developing Cohesive Groups at Camp features an overview of techniques to help camp staff, who are a part of the camp community, to develop a cohesive group, with positive interpersonal relationships and social skills. Many children have not had to share a room, much less share it with a group. The DVD details why these children must develop mutual respect and trust that is greater than roles based upon their sex, race, economic situation, or physical condition. The DVD reviews the stages of group development, changes in group behavior, and daily cycles that camp staff will witness as their group progresses.

Among the topics covered:

  • The Group experience
  • Communication skills
  • Group development
  • Cycles of group activity
  • Group building
  • Issues in group behavior
  • Camper to camper abuse