Effective Employee Evaluations

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Greg Churchman
52 minutes
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Everyone can always tell what time of year it is in an organization where the managers are tense and the employees are on edge-it's time for the employees' annual performance review. More often than not, many employees feel that their organization's evaluation system is not fair, because it involves one person's view that affects a core employee value-their pay. Effective Employee Evaluations presents easy-to-understand and apply suggestions and tips on how the employee and supervisor should prepare for the review. The DVD also explains how employees and supervisors can set goals and make commitments during the performance appraisal session. In addition, the DVD details how to properly follow-up the review session.

Among the topics covered:
  • Common performance-evaluation mistakes
  • Performance-evaluation flowchart
  • The development stages,
  • The review stages
  • Implementation ideas