Getting Along With All Personalities

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Karen Whiting
212 minutes
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Getting Along With All Personalities points out that the personalities of individuals fall into one of four temperaments. In that regard, the DVD discusses the fact that understanding their own personality and these of others can help everyone get along better. The DVD also reviews how people can lead from their strengths, as well as how they can engage coworkers and children, who have different personalities. In addition, the DVD details the best ways to motivate various types of people. Furthermore, the DVD addresses how to build great teams/families/groups that bring out the best in everyone involved.

Among the topics covered: 

• Four main personality types 
• The talker (popular sanguine) 
• The doer (powerful choleric) 
• The thinker (perfect melancholy) 
• The watcher (phlegmatic) 
• Figuring out personality types 
• Weaknesses of each personality 
• How to get along with other personalities 
• Fine-tuning your personality 
• A program to help everyone