Healthy (Camp) People 2020: How Does Your Camp Measure Up?

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Linda Erceg, Karla Henderson
84 minutes
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Not everyone is aware of the criteria that people use to describe the "health" of campers,staff, and the camp program. Based on the U.S. Healthy People 2020 initiative, Healthy (Camp)People 2020: How Does Your Camp Measure Up? reviews how the objectives underlying thisaction apply to camp. The DVD also provides camps with suggested directions for theirprograms in this regard, details how camps can assess their wellness profile, and detailsstrategies that can be utilized to move camps further along the healthy camp continuum.

Among the topics covered:
  • The healthy camp story
  • Health camp people 2020: what arethe objectives?
  • Healthy people 2020 objectivesand measurement
  • The biological & psychological make-upof the camp`s individuals
  • The camp population`s social factors
  • Access to health-related services
  • Individual behaviors
  • Your "healthy camp people2020" assessment
  • Where do we go from here?