Humanizing Outdoor and Environmental Education

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Joel Goodman, Clifford E. Knapp
175 pages
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This book is a thought-full and mindful guide to the humanistic approach to outdoor and environmental education that will be of special interest to teachers, parents, and camp staff. This volume focuses on the “why's” for planning and implementing nature experiences for people of all ages. In addition to a chapter on curriculum and program development for schools and camps, this volume draws on the expertise, experience, and wisdom of trend-setting pioneers and practitioners like Cheryl Charles, Richard Louv, Joseph Cornell, Roger Greenaway, Jeff McKay, Matt Weinstein, and Pamela Kekich. The book includes probing, intriguing, informative, insightful, and inspiring interviews with them on the “new nature movement,” nature mindfulness and awareness, reflecting and reviewing experiential learning, cooperative play, adventure learning, humanistic camps, and creative coaching. The chapters are filled with tips and practical activities that invite active and interactive learning. The book also provides a detailed case study of the leading-edge Human Relations Youth Adventure Camp and offers an extensive chapter with over 125 annotations for books, periodicals, websites, and organizations in the humanistic, outdoor, and environmental education fields. As a bonus, this book includes thought-provoking quotes to jump-start your brain and heart about the connection between nature and human nature.

This book artfully weaves together activities that expand our consciousness of ourselves and of the natural world around us at the same time. It is more than a gold mine of ideas, new perspectives, and practical methods. It is really six or seven books disguised as one. The book contains more activities than you could ever use in two years of teaching or in a lifetime of camp experiences. I am both amazed and impressed at the depth and breadth of what Joel and Cliff know and share with us in this book.
Jack Canfield
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®
Author, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
Dr. Clifford Knapp and Dr. Joel Goodman have written two books that truly “cover all the bases” in humanizing environmental education. They are thorough, useful, and always puts the child's highest good- body, mind, and soul- first. I feel that the books will play an important role in helping us to lovingly encourage the child's awareness of and enthusiasm for nature and human nature.
Joseph Cornell
Founder and President, Sharing Nature Worldwide
Nature Awareness Educator and Author
Cliff Knapp and Joel Goodman are masters at offering creative and accessible ways to connect with ourselves, people of varied life experiences, and the natural world that sustains us all. They are wise yet playful, engaged and engaging. Their insights and practical suggestions will enrich and enhance your life.
Cheryl Charles, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, President and CEO Emerita of the Children & Nature Network
Since the American Camp Association first published this cutting-edge book, ACA has supported nature and human–nature programs in camps. Camp leaders and campers will welcome this updated and expanded edition divided into two books. The books are filled with thought-provoking ideas on why we should humanize our camp programs along with a wealth of unique, stimulating, active, and interactive activities that are sure to en